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Frequently asked questions

Since we are a clinic that is focused on the quality of services offered to our patients, as well as their well-being, we have put together some of our frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your questions, contact us at, and a member our team will be happy to help you.

Q : Do I need to be a member to come to the clinic?

A : No, patients do not need to be a member of the clinic to be seen by the doctor.


Q: What if I already have a family doctor?

A : If you have a family doctor and are unable to be seen in a timely fashion, we can help in the interim, while keeping your file active with your regular physician.


Q : Are there any fees to open a file at your clinic?

A : There are no fees associated with our clinic. Files are opened at the scheduling a medical visit.


Q: Some places monitor the time spent with the physician and charge supplemental fees per minute spent, is this being done at your office as well?

A : We do not charge by the minute we want patients to feel comfortable and at ease with us during their appointment. We believe that the patient should be able to decide on the type of visit they want. Our physicians want to help patients and provide a service that is personalized and attentive to their needs. We do not want patients to feel rushed or under the pressure to monitor their time with the doctor.


Q : Is it safe to use email to discuss my health issues?

A : Your health and security is our priority and your EVM family doctor promises to let you know when it is no longer ideal with assist you via email.If the doctor is not confident that helping you via email is the best option, and feels it would be safer to come in for a visit, we will provide you with a timely appointment.


The first rule in the code of ethics with the Canadian Medical associations is : “Consider first the well-being of the patient” and it will certainly not be different for us. If a visit is necessary, you will be informed immediately and, thanks to the use of new technology, we will be better prepared to welcome you in the clinic.


Q : What security measures are used to protect email exchanges with my doctor?
A :  We encourage you to use secure email provider when communicating with us via email. Although we protect and guarantee the security of your personal information and the information in our possession, we cannot guarantee the security of emails that are not sent using a protected email system.

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