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Our E-Services

Why come to the clinic, if it isn’t necessary?

Practical and fast, our E-service offer is adapted to your busy lifestyle

Examples of E-services benefits and how it can be used:

  • Contact physician without leaving your home or office

  • No waiting at the clinic or at the end of a line (we plan your visit)

  • Answers to your questions via email

  • Save costs on certain visits

  • Check with your doctor and medical staff before making a trip to clinic

  • Low cost, easily accessible, convenient

  • Easy & reliable way to track & co-manage your ongoing health issue such as diabetes, blood pressure.

  • Co-manage your medication & refills & electronic prescription

  • Have us send you a summary of our Doctor’s explanation so you can read at home

  • Securely receive copies of your test results via email

  • Referrals for medically appropriate reasons, massage & physiotherapy

  • Research a medical condition for you

  • Research with pharmacist to ensure best practices for pharmaceutical treatment when needed.

  • Research (phone and email) with medical librarians to gather customized information for patient conditions.

  • Professional personalized advice

  • And more.